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Welcome to Quill of the Raven. Below you will find my professional profile, and contact details.

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Age: 25
Location: Perth, Australia


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Tools of the Trade

Digital Ocean | SSD based Virtual Servers


I utilize the amazing dashboard and services of Digital Ocean for their fast, efficient SSD based server droplets (virual machines) , which can be placed anywhere around the world. I primarily run out of Singapore, being one of the major international locations that Austrlalia's under-sea cabling connects to, resulting in amazing latency and super fast load times. The network runs on a 4Gbps shared connection, which I max out easily with 25MB/s upload and download (yes, Megabyte Per Second) and the servers themself can be setup and deployed via scripts in 55 seconds on average (personally tested and can confirm). Because of how easy it is to setup the servers using numerous operating systems (Ubuntu being the default for hosting at this time) and with a range of pre-installed software to choose from, setting up a Wordpress Website can be done in around 15 minutes (including DNS and Nameserver setups). SSH and VNC based access are both provided, making it easy to connect and administer my servers from anywhere and the tech support team there have been fantastic in advising of planned and unplanned downtime.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

I used to use the Atom Editor, but moved to the Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor, as it was faster and better designed. Atom is a promising application, but it has far too much bloat at the current time (November 2017) and was too tedious to get working nicely. Visual Studio code runs much faster with less overheads.

KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma Desktop

I have opted to use the KDE Plasma 5 Desktop as my main Desktop Environment on ArchLinux due to its maturity and features. While running with minimal resources, it is (in my opinion) the best looking and functioning DE of any that is available to Linux, and provides me with the familiar traditional Windows stle desktop format, while including amazing applications like the Dolphin file browser, that make my work as a developer easier. Mass-Rename of files, advanced search of contents in files, and the ability to automatically upgrade all of the packages on my workstation using Pacman, Pamac and Pacaur allow me to update my machine to the latest and greatest software versions, while ensuring that stability is upheld.